Best 5 Tips for Weight Loss

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Published on March 20, 2015

The best 5 tips for weight loss would start with determining if you are over weight, to do this, you would check your BMI
( Body Mass Index ) which is an indication of your health in comparing your height and your weight.There are many free BMI calculators online to see what your BMI is. A high BMI result means that you are probably overweight and carrying additional fat. In addition to be being unhealthy for you, it can lead to serious health consequences especially if the fat is concentrated around your stomach area as compared to if it’s located in your rear or leg areas.

Carrying excessive belly fat increases your chances of developing heart problems and or diabetes in addition to other
unhealthy conditions. Depending on your physical structure and height, a healthy waist size for men is 37 inches or less and
in women, 32 inches or less. Getting started on a weight loss program may seem daunting and difficult at first, but once you
have a plan and get started, it’s easy to maintain on a daily basis.

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